Writing code is like speaking with your dog. Your dog can only understand a few keywords. They might understand ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘fetch’ and ‘drop it’. Simple words that on their own are mainly neat party tricks or fun to play with. But what if you string these commands together?

Let's say you are super lazy today and you are hanging out on the couch. You feel like reading the news but the rolled-up newspaper is way over on the other side of the room. You get the bright idea that maybe if you give your dog the right commands in…

An overly simplified description of tech jobs.

Zach Star

Computer Engineer: Designing and making the physical parts of a computer, they create a digital canvas from physical parts.

Software Engineer: Designing and creating infrastructure, which often mimics real-life infrastructure, on the digital canvas that Computer Engineers built.

Software Developer: The construction workers of the digital world, the title is often interchangeable with Software Engineer.

Computer Science: Coming up with step-by-step instructions for a computer to organize information so that, whatever the use case, people can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Data Science: Record everything then use statistics to…

During the pandemic and ongoing global news, I have noticed that most of my friends and family are slowly feeling less optimistic about our futures. I began to feel this way myself, but I decided to really confront why I was losing hope in the future and I came away with some newfound optimism that things will get better.

Below I discuss why I feel optimistic about the future of the pandemic despite new and seemingly worse strains evolving. I also discuss why I have hope for politics despite the polarity between right and left-wing and the terrible injustices and…

When I first decided to pursue the field of Software Development I did so because of the awe around how much of a positive impact I could make. I could solve so many problems. Anything I could dream up and write logically would just pop into existence. My career would be about solving peoples problems and changing the world for the better. What an exciting prospect right?

It is, well at least it was until somewhere along the line, developers decided to stop doing that. Instead, we found a loophole. Who needs to solve problems when we could just pretend…

Daniel Visca

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